What's Enliang WeGuarantee Solution?

Imagine being able to trade directly with hundreds of thousands manufacturers in China, and increasing your profit by several times?

With WeGuarantee Solution, we can help you achieve this.

Enliang help control each of your orders throughout the production process by charging just a small service fee. Should there be any quality claims to the orders under WeGuarantee quality control, Enliang will bear our responsibility. You are like in a SAFE BOX. Hence the name of WeGuarantee.

Why WeGuarantee?
01 The largest QC network in China, and the most professional QCs will be serving for you on site the manufacturers throughout the production period.

02 Highly experienced merchandisers will liaise with the buyers, manufacturers and QCs through the whole production process to ensure the quality of goods

03 Advanced order control system on TradeAider App to control the orders in a smarter way. This will bring you a full transparency of products stages from development to production along with access to experienced merchandisers who will be in touch with your manufacturers. It will also enable you to have professional QC inspectors and auditors at your disposal who will ensure high quality of your goods.

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