What's Enliang WeFinance solution?

Advanced Payment

With this solution Enliang can enable your Chinese suppliers to accept your orders with long payment term, solving the cash flow problem for both the buyers and suppliers. Since Enliang will arrange the advanced payments from our partner banks to your Chinese suppliers within one week upon the shipment of the goods. And you can make the payments to the suppliers comfortably in say 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even later, as planned.

Third Party Escrow

With this solution Enliang can help solving the trust problem in payment for both the buyers and suppliers. Both the down payment and the final payment funds from the buyers can be sent to the third party escrow account of Enliang first, and will be released upon receipt of the buyers' instruction once they are satisfied with the production/quality situation of the suppliers reported in the Evaluation Report and/or Inspection Report sent by Enliang.

Why Enliang?

"National Model Platform of
Sharing Economy"
"Top Ten Influential Brands of China"

Strategic alliance partner of China's Six National Chambers of Commerce for Import & Export
Strong strategic alliance partner with the big banks and large insurance companies in China
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